If you’re not aware of the real estate market, you would think summer is the best time to sell. The days are longer and warmer. That’s when children are off school and families are most likely to buy, right?

Because of the large focus on the summer months, it actually makes spring an appealing time for sellers. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider to sell your home in the upcoming season:

  1. It’s a seller's market. The winter months turns off both buyers and sellers because of the cold weather and holiday season taking the forefront of family matters. With spring right after, families are now putting the holidays behind them and looking ahead, especially buyers. There is an advantage to sell now because there are more buyers than homes for sale, which leads to…
  2. Less competition. Because buyers are only looking at a smaller than usual pool of available houses, your home has the likelihood to stick out. To add more appeal to your home, consider our tips and tricks to prepare your home for a spring sale. 
  3. Rates are still low. Buyers are realizing that rates are also low, so the odds of selling are higher. Utilize the current climate for buyers to benefit your efforts to sell your home.
  4. Prices are in your favor. Conversely, you can generously price your home. Refer again to our article about preparing your home because you can also add value for doing small upgrades and edits to entice buyers to at least view your home. 
  5. With that said, the future rates and prices are up in the air, so don’t let the previous years of low rates and favorable prices fool you! This year is very similar to 2016, but as the economy is shifting, years following might not be as beneficial. If selling and buying a new home has been on your mind for awhile, now is the time to jump. We’ll be happy to go through your thoughts, so you can make the best-informed decision. 
  6. Undoubtedly spring is a time of year brings more warmth. People are attracted to images that are warm and inviting and the weather can highlight the beauty of homes otherwise hidden by snow. Trees are being revitalized and lawns are greening again. As people pack away winter coats, people are more likely to explore and consider new things, i.e. buying a new home!
  7. Your family is growing. Was it tight fitting everyone around the holiday tree last month? This is a general point on why it’s time to sell, but still important nonetheless. Even if your family isn’t growing by numbers, your children might be growing in height and stuff. Think about how your family is utilizing space now.
  8. The opposite, are you facing an empty nest or will it be coming soon? With the 2016-2017 ending in a handful of months, are you beloved kids packing up and embarking on a new adventure of their own. If you’re already at the point where you are going to them for the holidays, our current house might be a little too much for you now.
  9. A new generation is itching to buy. In addition to the first five points that speak to this year specifically, it’s hard not to leave out the generation that has already been penetrating the housing market. Millennials have been saving up and are ready to buy - and buy now. 
  10. Even if you’re not necessarily ready, now is still the time to dip your toes. Meaning, it’s early enough in the year to start going through the pros and cons of selling. Start doing your due diligence with your family to make sure you are all on the same page and ready for the process.

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