It might be hard to think of warmer weather as the temperature keeps dropping, but don’t let that distract you on tips and tricks to get your home ready for a spring sale now. 

We’ve put together five important components that are easy to do, especially if started early, and that won’t break the bank. Plus, once completed, these suggestions will help boost your home’s selling price and attract buyers!

Improve Curb Appeal

From DIY Network

As much as we say “don’t judge a book by its cover,” first impressions still stick. If your home has an unruly front yard, it could scare potential buyers from walking in the front door, even if it’s jaw-droppingly gorgeous inside.

Utilize these winter months to outline your landscaping efforts like weeding and grooming your lawn. With the right care and planning, it can be done on a dime. 

Cheap touch-ups like freshening up the paint on your front door or mailbox would call --attention to your home. Some other great options are adding flower boxes or planting a new tree to add more life on your property. 

Here is more comprehensive exterior home checklist to run through for your home:

  • Get new or paint front door
  • New hardware for front door
  • Add shutters or paint accent trim and shutters
  • New mailbox
  • Update house numbers
  • Add new foliage
  • New outdoor lighting
  • Add flower beds or boxes
  • Manicure/reseed lawn
  • Trim hedges

Easy Interior Updates 

From This Old House

With your home now open and clean, updating what’s worn and old would also motivate buyers. Similarly to improving your curb appeal, interior fixes don’t have to break the bank either.

In fact, all the improvements you make can overall contribute to the value of your property.  

This Old House suggests adding shade and privacy with affordable shutters for charm and functionality, especially with warmer months ahead.

Here is a more comprehensive interior home checklist to run through for your home:

  • Repaint rooms
  • Renew old flooring
  • New electrical switch plates
  • Replace or paint inside doors
  • Focus on entryway
  • New flooring, lighting, etc. - update and re-caulk bathroom
  • Refresh kitchen cabinets - with paint and/or updated knobs
  • Shutters for added charm
  • Update faucets - in kitchen and bathrooms
  • New door knobs
  • Re-insulate
  • Update backsplash
  • Add ceiling fans

More detailed wallet-friendly and long-term investment ideas are in their article here:

Spring Cleaning/Purge

Families from coast-to-coast think about spring cleaning at the end of winter, so piggyback with that mindset as you’re preparing your home for sale. 

Purging unneeded or unwanted items open up space and takes away added goods for your own move to your future home. It’s a win-win situation!

In addition, a clutter-free house does encourage potential buyers to view the home you’re selling as their own. When given a clean place to look at, it helps them paint a better picture of themselves in it.

Realtor Magazine highlights different steps to make your home shine to potential buyers here:

Thorough Inspection


Nothing scares a potential home buyer like an old house! Even with cosmetic updates that add value to your home for the aesthetics, it’s big turn is knowing a home hasn’t been looked at by a professional in ages. 

During the spring and summer months, homebuyers can think more about the effects of heat on your home because it’s top of mind. With a stamp of approval from a home inspector, it gives you an edge over other comparable houses and helps motivate buyers to look at your home at the top of their list. 

HGTV explains the importance of inspection in their piece here, in case you aren’t sold yourself, read this:

Stage for the Season


According to The Mortgage Reports, staging your home improves your chances to sell more than 70 percent. That’s an incredible amount!

Our team can help you with bringing out the best in your home and offer tips to stage your home the right way. HOUZZ has some great advice too, one that suggests creating functional spaces with otherwise confusing spaces.

For example, putting a desk and storage solution in an under-stair nook. It’s such a clever idea that allows potential homebuyers to be creative and appreciate your home.

Find more great ways to stage your home here:

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