Each November the president officially marks this month as military family appreciation month. All over America individuals and businesses celebrate family members of the brave men and women that defend our nation.

As veterans and military family members, with a combined total of 67 years of service, we understand the commitment it takes to be part of the military family. We know the sacrifices families make to keep service members strong and able to do their job. Military life has its struggles. How many times have you had to move and start all over again making friends and finding your way around a new town? Collectively, we’ve moved over 30 times. That’s a lot of change and a lot of stress.

This month we celebrate you and your hard work and dedication to family and military service. You are the ones on the home front keeping families together through deployments, TDYs, missed birthdays and special events. We’ve shared the same joys and sorrows. Between our veterans and family members, we’ve gone through 31 deployments. It can be hard to cope with the constant change, but you do it. As a military community, we all do. We push on and find strength within ourselves and within the community. We learn to do new things and to be independent. We also learn to make new friends and create memories at each duty station. We grow stronger, and eventually deployments and TDYs end, and other special occasions arise that your family is able to share.

Homecomings are wonderful moments where the burden washes away and there is only happiness and gratitude. Let’s focus on those moments and keep that joy in our hearts. You are strong, passionate and dedicated. You have a love for this country that is unparalleled. That is why we celebrate you this month, and always. We know where you’ve been, and we’re right there with you. Happy National Military Family Appreciation Month from all of us.